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We’ve compiled the best men’s grooming and styling gift ideas for Dads! Find the perfect gift for your Dad with our Father’s Day 2020 Gift Guide. 

This Father’s Day might be a little different to previous years, but that doesn’t mean it should be any less special. For many of us, lock-down means not sharing a hug or a beer with the Old Man. But as sons and daughters, it’s our duty to make sure we do our upmost to show our father figures we care.

A card in the post is a great place to start. And now, more than ever, a phone call or Face Time is priceless. But what comes next? This year, we’d recommend a men’s grooming and styling gift set that can be delivered straight to his door!

We’ve got something to suit every budget and need. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to our top gift ideas for Father’s Day 2020!

Most Dads just want to see that some thought’s gone into their gift – price isn’t important. These quick and easy gift ideas for Dad are ideal for showing you care, without breaking the bank.

Roll-On Eco-Warrior Deodorant

Our quick and easy Roll-On Eco-Warrior Deodorant is the ideal gift for Dads that live a fast and active lifestyle. Its compact design means it can be easily slipped into gym bags or ruck sacks, making it perfect for perspiration relief on the move. Better yet, this sweat-conquering deodorant is aluminium free and features our long-lasting fresh and masculine Original scent. Even Dad’s pits won’t be a match for it!

Hand & Body Soap Bars

Hand and body soap bars have enjoyed a real renaissance in recent years. Why? Because of their eco credentials and retro feel, of course! They also make great small gifts, which is why we have three colourful scented bars in our range: Original BlueClassic Ice and Cuban Gold.

All of our hand and body soap bars are vegan friendly and SLS free, meaning you can shop with the confidence that they’re just as friendly to animals as they are to skin. No matter which one you choose for Dad, he’ll smell fresher than ever!

Cut-Throat Razor

Give Dad the gift of a traditional wet shave with our affordable Cut-Throat Razor. This modern adaptation of the traditional straight razor fits replaceable razor blades, which means Dad doesn’t need to worry about honing or stropping the blade. Instead, he can simply snap and insert a Double-Edge Razor Blade and enjoy a barbershop shave every day.

Brushless Shaving Solution

We created our Shaving Solution by combining a shaving cream with a shaving gel. The result? A quick, easy and mess-free shave that’s perfect for Father’s Day! This simple shaving product is ideal when time is of the essence, but standards must be maintained. It doesn’t require a shaving brush or bowl – just a quick lather between the hands!

We hope you’ve found our Father’s Day Gift Guide helpful!